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 Namasthé Tea Co. has been based in Whistler, BC since 2006 and was founded by TeaCrafter, Forager and Consultant Herbalist  Isabelle Ranger. We are Off the Beaten Path TeaCrafters of unique foraged and seasonal thérroir teas and tisanes. Our Atelier de Thé is filled with unique botanicals, seasonal teas and organic local grown herbals. We forage thérroir tisanes in alpine meadows, oceansides and forests to concoct customblends of craft teas for chefs, cafés, grocers and bar tenders. 

Namasthé Tea Company sources unique seasonal single origin teas from small organic farmers in limited lots for exceptional quality, purity and taste. We meticulously hand harvest and blend our fine loose leaf thérroir teas and tisanes for adventurous tea folk exploring pure premium teas.

Isabelle Ranger

Owner & Forager

Tea Trail Tales

Winter Wellness with Cold And Flu Tisane by Kalea Ranger

January 24, 2017

My mother taught me that respecting the plant and the forest, is just as important as respecting your next door neighbor. Living on this earth comes with the responsibility of treating it was the same respect, and generosity that it gives us.

Kalea Ranger

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CBC North by Northwest interview with Sheryl McKay Jan 14, 2017

January 22, 2017

Licorice mint Moss? Whistler woman forages along the Sea-to-Sky corridor to create teas and sodas.

Isabelle Ranger and Sheryl MacKay at CBC

"What's cool about Whistler is that ... in every direction you can find a forest service road and you're out in the forest; you're in the mountains ... it's very beautiful, [and] there's a lot of variety of things that grow at different elevations."

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Apothécary Soda featured in Montecristo Magazine Story by : Meagan Albrechtson

September 07, 2016

Fizzy Drinks made in BC   by Story:


Currently Namasthé’s apothecary sodas are offered in two flavours: Pemberton Cola and Sassafras Soda, the latter of which is comparable to root beer. “It’s really fun to be able to do something that’s created out of a tea base with herbs and spices, and doesn’t have any preservatives added,” says Ranger.

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