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 Namasthé Tea Co. has been based in Whistler, BC since 2006 and was founded by TeaCrafter, Forager and Consultant Herbalist  Isabelle Ranger. We are Off the Beaten Path TeaCrafters of unique foraged and seasonal thérroir teas and tisanes. Our Atelier de Thé is filled with unique botanicals, seasonal teas and organic local grown herbals. We forage thérroir tisanes in alpine meadows, oceansides and forests to concoct customblends of craft teas for chefs, cafés, grocers and bar tenders. 

Namasthé Tea Company sources unique seasonal single origin teas from small organic farmers in limited lots for exceptional quality, purity and taste. We meticulously hand harvest and blend our fine loose leaf thérroir teas and tisanes for adventurous tea folk exploring pure premium teas.

Isabelle Ranger

Owner & Forager

Tea Trail Tales

Foraged Nettle Beer - Nourishing Bitter Spring Tonic

April 05, 2016

Makes a Gallon of Foraged Spring Nettle Beer All Grain Beer:

I was foraging Stinging Nettles with our sons last week. My body craves Nettles each spring to get a shot of vitamins, nourish the blood, bones, liver and skin after a long winter.Full of nourishing, digestive, immune boosting, detox properties that is perfect for a beautiful wild spring brew. To your health! Slainte!

Isabelle Ranger

Foraging Herbalist

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Stay Well with Turmeric Tonic

December 09, 2015

Since we launched this amazing new healthful brew it has become a crowd fav from Vancouver Tea Festival to online and all around town! Get your rich golden Turmeric X Ginger X Black Pepper boost in a delicious tisane loaded with lemony herbals that are great for colds, flus, digestives and anti-inflammatory properties used for centuries.

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Namasthé interview at Vancouver Tea Festival 2015

December 08, 2015

Photo : radio-Canada/Evelyne Charuest

The second Vancouver Tea Festival held in Vancouver by the Vancouver Tea Society was attended by many Tea Lovers seeking unique, new and ancient tea rituals to broaden experiences in their cups. We had a lovely surprise interview in french with Evelyne Charuest of Radio-Canada about the unique foraged BC Thérroir, mushrooms in tea, growing tea culture in Vancouver and our daily foraging ritual. To hear Stéphanie Roberts of Vancouver Tea Festival, our friends at Wise Monkey with coffee leaf infusions, Tea Sparrow subscription and Isabelle Ranger of Namasthé Tea Co. sharing about foraging for wild ingredients! Listen Here

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