Tulsi Drying at Root Down Organic Farm in Pemberton

Growing Thérroir™ tisanes with our Partner Pemberton Farmers

We hand blend premium loose leaf teas with our foraged botanicals and herbs grown organically by local farmers in Pemberton. After 6 years of us leasing lands to grow we are proud and honored to partner up with RootDown Farm to grow Tulsi. As we focus on Teacrafting and foraging we will be partnering with new local farmers to grow our unique botanicals for the 2017/2018 season. Fresh farm grown botanicals hand harvested at the peak of freshness, taste and potency is our secret to avoid crafting teas with unnatural "natural flavorings". The herbals we grow and craft still contain their own true, precious aromatics preserved through our special whole storage method. Fresh milling each blend to order, delivered fresh each week and served fresh to Tea Lovers is our craft. To read more about our past growing of botanicals in Pemberton here

Root Down Organic Farm


We grow new varietals, push their hardiness and develop them in the Squamish zone as possible new additions to our organic tisanes selection. Some like our Tea plants of Camellia sinensis and Lemon Verbena overwinter indoors while other native pioneer plants are slowly progressing into future options for limited edition tisanes for the farm.





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