We respectfully Forage tisanes & Teacraft organic wellness teas to honor the People, Plants & Planet.

Every choice we make at Namasthé is aligned with our values of positive social change for Indigenous people, empowering women and being good stewards of the land. This ethos infuses every aspect of our business, being Indigenous woman owned, respectfully foraging each mountain botanical and giving back to our communities. 

We thank you for supporting us in being the positive change, upholding rights, respecting values and enjoying amazing cups of tea!Each time you sip Namasthé teas or purchase our teas you are choosing to make a direct positive impact for a better future.



 These are some of the initiatives we support through Fundraising, Events or Donations:


Farm Folk City Folk

Gidimt’en Checkpoint for Wet’suwet’en 

Growing Chefs

Labrador Land Protectors

Whistler Search & Rescue

Whistler Waldorf

Zero Ceiling


and many more fundraising groups on Unceded Coast Salish Territories