Vanilla Earl Grey

Rich, creamy sweet vanilla bean hand-folded into our legendary Earl Grey tea. For Earl Grey tea lovers who appreciate a luxurious mouth feel with precious cold pressed bergamot oils from Calabria, Italy. A luxuriously seducing, uplifting aroma and satisfying taste. Divine Vanilla Earl Grey to make non sweet mylk London Fog or to deepen the intensity of your favorite London Fog.

  • Aroma of Calabrian Bergamot citrus paired with robust, malty Assam and balanced with fruity Sri Lankan tea. Taste is full bodied with a beautiful bright bergamot citrus and deep lingering vanilla bean finish.

  • Cold pressed Calabrian bergamot oils. Organic and Fair Trade house blend of black teas from  Assam and Sri Lanka.

  • Infuse 1 Tbsp of tea to 250 ml water at 100°C for 4 min (1st infusion) 5 min (2nd infusion)

  • Organic Assam, Keemun, Tanzanian, Nilgiri and Ceylon black teas, cold pressed italian bergamot oils.

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