Tulsi - Kapoor Tulsi varietal grown organically in Pemberton ( Ocimum sanctum )

Tulsi a native plant of India and is the most revered of holy plants both medicinally and spiritually. Holy Basil is purifying and protective on all levels from spiritual to physical realm. It contains Eugenol and Rosmarinic Acid the prized active compounds responsible for aroma and traditional properties.Tulsi was traditionally used for colds and flus, digestion, adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, pain reducing and antibacteriaproperties. It contains fatty acids : stearic, oleic, linoleic, palmitic, linolenic. In Ayurveda Tulsi is bitter, pungent and astringent in taste with a sweet post digestive effect predominantly pacifying to Kapha dosha but also Vata and Pitta. Our Kapoor Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is grown organically in the fertile Pemberton valley at Root Down Organic Farm by our long time growing partners Sarah and Simone. We have limited amounts available as we also use it in many Namasthé Tea blends.
  • This feast for the senses has note of apple and pear flower, the herbaceous aroma of basil, a light spice taste accentuated with a clove fragrance and a flavor  reminiscent of the sweet leaves of High Mountain Oolong or the vegetal umami of a fine Japanese tea. Pleasant mouthfeel that lingers into a mild euphoric feeling.

  • Root Down organic farm, organic Kapoor Tulsi, British Colombia Canada.

  • Infuse 1 Tbsp or a bit over 1g of tea to 250 ml water at 100

  • Pemberton British Colombia Kapoor Tulsi.

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