Namasthé Tea Smudge Tisane

Smudge Tisane Forage & Local Grown

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Smudge Tisane is our native herbal tisane to detox, purify, nourish and strengthen your sacred body temple. Smudge can be infused as a firepit tisane, wilderness tea to go and burned over charcoal embers to cleanse your home or as an offering for your special rituals. Our ancient sacred blend of sweetgrass, white sage, red-belted polypore, douglas fir and licorice fern helps to soothe your spirit.

Foraged and Organic
  • Reminiscent of a hike in the Ancient Cedars Forest where a clearing welcomes you to a sacred sweat lodge ceremony with blazing Grandmother and Grandfather stones crackling in the firepit. Abalone shell with smudge awaits to purify the aura and heart before entering the womb of the Great Mother to pray, drum, sing and offering of gratitude. Wild woods, aromatic umami, spiced berries, earthy sweet fungi, vanilla scented herbals, uplifting citrus, brisk coniferous resins and sweet lingering licorice.

  • Whistler and Pemberton, BC wild, foraged sacred botanicals, hand harvested sustainably to preserve and propagate native plant stands of labrador tea, douglas fir, licorice fern and red belted polypore. Namasthé Tea’s Thérroir TPatch organically-grown sacred white sage, sweetgrass, and holy basil. Our precious micro lot batch is hand blended with seasonal, wild-foraged tisanes to purify the most burdened of hearts and rekindle the spirit.

  • Infuse 1 Tbsp. of tea in your favorite teapot with 250 ml fresh drawn spring or mountain river water at 100°C for 5 min (1st infusion) 5 - 6 min (2nd infusion). Add more tea and water according to this ratio for larger kettles. Firepit tisanes are a wild indulgence and a great way to improve fresh drawn lake or river water into drinkable explorations of the native plants of BC. Cast iron campfire kettles make a great, iron-rich way to enjoy your tea on camping adventures. Sipping tea outdoors is our ancient heritage to rediscover.

  • Namasthé foraged botanicals of labrador tea, douglas fir, red belted polypore, licorice fern and Pemberton grown Organic herbals of sacred White Buffalo sage, sweetgrass, Tulsi (holy basi)l.