Provence Grey

Delightful organic Provence Grey will transport you to indigo fields of Lavender, fine wine, rustic food, abundant fruits and cheeses. Organic Bergamot infused black tea from fine tea estates is folded with organic Lavender for a deeper relaxing and savory tea to pair with fine foods. Unwind, nourish and inhale the centuries old benefits of Lavender with uplifting Italian Bergamot to brighten any grey day.

  • Relaxing lavender aroma and taste married with bright uplifting Bergamot. Deep, rich, brisk full-bodied mouth feel with satisfying hints of muscatel, plums, raisins,oak and with a balanced uplifting fruity and floral lingering finish.

  • Pure Calabrian Bergamot oils with provence organic Lavender blossoms. Organic and Fair Trade house blend of black teas from  Assam and Sri Lanka.

  • Infuse 1Tbsp of Fresh Tracks Breakfast in 250 ml water at 100°C for 4 min. (1st infusion) 5 min (2nd infusion)

  • Organic Assam, Nilgiri, Tanzanian, Sri Lankan and Keemun black teas, organic Lavender and pure cold pressed Bergamot oils.

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