Cold Brew & Iced Tea made simple - Plug Jug is perfect for fun summer infusions without fuss.The outer lid of the jugs seals tightly so you can lay the jug down
in your refrigerator. The handle is comfortable to hold and makes
pouring effortless. The opening of the jug is wide enough to make
washing easy.  ice tea jug with
a transparent infuser.

Dimensions:                                                                                                             ø95 x H270 x W150 mm / 1.2 L
ø3.8 x H10.8 x W6 in / 40 oz

Materials:                                                                                                              [outer lid] MS resin, ABS resin, silicone / dishwasher safe
[inner lid] polypropylene, silicone / dishwasher safe
[infuser] MS resin, PET / dishwasher safe
[filter] polypropylene, PET / dishwasher safe
[jug] MS resin, ABS resin / dishwasher safe

Wild Brews for Wild Folk

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