EASTERN BEAUTY - “Dong Fang Mei Ren”Premium Oolong is 60% -70% oxidized, well withered & lightly roasted. The oxidation process is initiated before the leaves are plucked by nature’s assistance in the form of small insects biting the tender leaves. This exquisite Bai Hao oolong tea is hand harvested in summer. The "Qingxin”cultivar is then handcrafted into beautiful earthy color tones with silvery tips. A luxurious long-lasting aromatic complexity of honeysweet floral, exotic blossoms and enticing tropical fruit. Grown above sea level in Miaoli county, Taiwan.

Gaiwan Brewing Guidelines:
Water Temperature: 93°C
Leaf to Water Ratio: Fill 60% of a porcelain gaiwan with tea
Steep Times: 1st infusion 1 minute, 2nd infusion 15 seconds, 3rd infusion 30 seconds, subsequent infusions 1 minute

Standard Brewing Guidelines:
Water Temperature: 93°C
Leaf to Water Ratio: 1 tablespoon per 250ml. 
Steep Times: 3 minutes (1st infusion), 4 minutes (2nd infusion), 5 minutes (3rd infusion)

Natural Farming Method 

Wild Brews for Wild Folk

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