Matcha Organic - Ritual Grade 40g Tins
Namasthé Organic Ritual Grade Matcha Tea Powder

Matcha Organic - Ritual Grade 40g Tins

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Organic L-Teanine rich stone milled Matcha powder sourced directly from Uji Japan.

High in Antioxidants, matcha also speeds up post-exercise recovery, detoxify the body, improve immune system function and boost energy. 

Its also high in L-Theanine for a more mellow alertness then caffeine, also one of the best food source of disease-fighting Catechins.

JAS Organic


  • Our rich Umami Ritual Matcha and its high chlorophyll taste.

  • The Ritual Matcha from Uji, Kyoto.

  • Draw fresh filtered water, warm to 70°C, add 1 tsp of sifted Matcha powder to water. Using bamboo whisk, whisk with a conscious wrist 'M' motion until silky smooth. Enjoy Presently.

  • All Organic Ingredients; Ritual Matcha powder.