Lapsang Souchong - Smoked Black Tea

The Lapsang Souchong reminiscent of fond memories of time spent in front of a fire with loved ones. It's the camping tea of the tea world, the evening spent at a beach in front of a fire pit in the summer time. Smoke from a camp fire has a distinctive aroma that permeates all that it touches. Lapsang Souchong exudes this signature campfire smell. It has a polarizing aroma and flavour like all our favorite smoked foods of the of the olden ways of preserving food. Distinctive,outdoor and comforting that reaches the deep recesses of our ancient human psyche. 

The storied origin of this tea is quite unique, everywhere you look you always find a new version of the story. They are all different but all agree on a few things, like or dislike this tea is sure to astound the senses. It pairs well in cocktails, with many foods and desserts. Sazerac Forage & Fils cocktail recipe here. 

  • A really smooth black tea with low astringency, working perfectly to let the pine and oak wood fire smoke flavor take over the palate. Pairs well with many meats, cheeses, smoked foods and classic egg style breakfast.

  • Wuyi, Fujian province China.

  • Infuse 1Tbsp. of tea to 250ml. of water at 100°C for 5 min

  • Organic black tea fire smoked with Pine and oak.


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