Himalayan Pine - High Mountain Green Tea

Himalayan Pine 2015 is a lovely high mountain green tea from the majestic Himalayas at 1600m - 2000m altitude. Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden which signifies Moon Tea Garden is located in Hile, Dhankuta District, Nepal. Fresh seasonal Teas grown organically, hand handharvest and hand rolled with notes of sacred Sandalwood incense. High Mountain Teas crafted like the finest Taiwanese Oolongs, Umami rich Japanese Green teas and the Gyawali family's cherished Darjeeling methods. Planted 2001 with unique varietals from these three regions with heirloom, wild and new cultivars which with earth, season, weather and Tea Master evokes the Thérroir of Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden. We fell in love with the teas, the people and the ethical practices leaving a sweet, smooth finish that soothes the soul.

  • Spring hand harvested fresh sweet and smooth high mountain green tea, hints of umami, light astringency, fruity, floral with gentle pine taste.

  • Organic high mountain grown at 1600m to 2000m varietals of Darjeeling T1, T78, Phoob 312 with Taiwanese Si Ji Chun & Chin Sin oolong and a touch of Japanese Yabukita and Wild Miyazaki Camellia sinensis in newly planted Tea Garden in Hile, Nepal.

  • Infuse 1 Tbsp. of tea in your Gaiwan or clay seasoned teapot at 82*C for 2 mins. 1st Infusion and 3 mins. 2nd Infusion.

    Gaiwan or lidded bowl is a brewing vessel of choice for Jun Chiyabari Teas or your special small clay teapot to enhance your tea experience of high mountain aromatics.

  • Organic spring harvested green tea from Jun Chiyabari.

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