Gobo Lemon Green Tea

Gobo Lemon Green is our customblend tea crafted for Chef Andrea Carlson at Burdock and Co. infusion with her halibut dish of rich burdock tea broth, hops shoots and fried burdock  She infused her custom blended tea into an umami lover's broth highlighting the earthy burdock roots, Labrador tea, Matsutake mushroom, bright lemon myrtle and misty high mountain green tea. We are releasing this limited edition, seasonal tea by popular demand for the 'Off the Beaten Path' seekers of warming ginger umami lusciousness.

  • An adventure awaits for each sip of this unique special blend of earthy and malty burdock roots with the bittersweet inulin, spice and bitter compounds. Pungent ginger roots pair perfectly with the sumptious umami taste of foraged Matsutake fungi and High Mountain slow grown green tea that is both toasted and steamed. The aromatic, brothy and umami flavour of Namasthé's foraged Labrador Tea complements the deep earthy tones with a lighter enticing wild swamp funk. Australian grown Thérroir lemon myrtle brightens and the roses sweeten each delectable sip on this tea's exploration of unique flavour.

  • Namasthé Foraged Matsutake fungi, Stinging Nettles, Labrador Tea, single origin high mountain spring mist green tea from Hubei, Pemberton-grown Tulsi ( Holy Basil ), organic ginger, burdock, dandelion and roses.

  • 1 Tbsp of tea to 250 ml of fresh boiled water at 100°C for 5 min or more for a deeper spice root tones and 82°C for a brighter umami lemon green notes.

  • Burdock root, Dandelion root, organic high Mountain green tea, foraged Labrador tea, foraged Stinging Nettles, foraged Matsutake fungi, organic rose, organic ginger root, organic Lemon Myrtle and Pemberton grown Tulsi.

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