Namasthé Organic Genmaicha - toasted brown rice green tea
Namasthé Organic Genmaicha - toasted brown rice green tea
Namasthé Organic Genmaicha - toasted brown rice green tea
Namasthé Organic Genmaicha - toasted brown rice green tea


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Genmaicha Tea is synonymous with warming miso soup, sushi, daily comforting rituals and a friendly invitation into the vibrant Asian influence of the West Coast.  Our custom crafted organic Genmaicha is hand crafted by Uji Japanese Tea Master according to our unique specifications. We select seasonal vibrant spring first flush Japanese Sencha green tea from Saemidori ( Yabukita & Asatsuyu) and Yabukita tea varietals grown organically in Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan. This southern island has the weather to grow frost sensitive Saemidori tea varietals. Premium Genmaicha with bright, floral and umami taste and aroma with the comforting organic toasted brown rice comes together in a favorite tea to accompany gatherings and meals.

JAS Organic
  • Fresh vegetal spring chlorophyll sweet tea buds,subtle citrusy aroma & taste, misty oceanside grass, floral notes, nutty warmth of toasted grains of brown rice, bright green liquor that awakens the senses. Juicy mouthfeel with subtle astringency of chumushi (mid- steamed) aromatic Saemidori & Yabukita varietals of luscious umami taste that lingers beautifully. A unique lofty Genmaicha crafted with premium Senchas.

  • Organic Sencha Saemidori & Yabukita varietals from Kagoshima, Japan. Kyushu is a southern island of Japan with mild weather where newer Saemidori varietal can grow frost free. The Saemidori is a hybrid of Yabukita & Asatsuyu varietals was registered in 1990 and is now a sought after Sencha varietal. Yabukita was selelcted by Hikosaburo Sugiyama in 1908 in Abe, Shizuoka for its upright yield, aroma and umami taste. Organic methodology and technologically advanced tools for steaming, tumbling, rolling, toasting tea combined with the careful nose and eyes of the tea masters, creates a refreshing, vivid green, steamed Sencha.

  • Infuse 3g - 4g of tea or 1 Tbsp. in your teapot 250ml. Kyusu Clay Teapots with fine mesh filter work beautifully. INFUSION: 1st infusion: 86*C to 90*C for 1 min. 2nd infusion 93*C for 30 secs. 

  • Organic Ichibancha spring-harvested Sencha green tea and organic toasted brown rice.