Gaiwan White (Lidded Bowl)

Pure simplicity, elegant design that has endured the test of time since the Ming dynasty. The perfect tea vessel for deliberate slow tea sessions of premium loose leaf Oolongs, Whites, Greens and Pu-erh teas which unfurl after multiple short potentized infusions. Gaiwans concentrate aroma, deepen taste and expand the experience of your finest tea leaves.Gaiwans beckons one to unplug, be present in the moment and increase blissful enjoyment of tea moment. Ease of use for neophytes or seasoned masters solo session or to share their most precious Teas with Tea Loving family, friends, clients or for baristas wanting to serve an authentic technical infusion at the Tbar. Our finest teas all have Gaiwan infusion techniques to help you explore and create your own Gaiwan ritual at home or outdoors. Steep yourself into the age old wisdom of Gaiwan Slow Tea movement.


100ml. White porcelain Gaiwan crafted in MiaoLi, Taiwan


Pictured with our Tai Haku Porcelain cup sold separately.


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