La Forêt

La Forêt

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The Spirit of the woods in our foraged blend from the lush rain coast. Pristine old forests carpeted in dainty green moss, conifer fresh citrus spring tips, garlands of Usnea & wild mountain essence in your cup. Seasonal botanicals respectfully gathered from spring to fall,  in olden ways respecting plant spirits, teachings and honoring our Planet. Ancestors brewed forest tips rich in vitamin C, immune bolstering resinous pine needles, lung supportive lichen, pain relieving bark and digestive leaves of MamaittuKutik (Labrador Tea) to stay well all year long.

  • A unique flavour adventure of natural conifer sap and citrus, sweet resins and the ever mystifying Labrador tea. A nice balance of wild botanical, reminiscent of the Pacific North West misty forest's morning.

  • Foraged ingredients are respectfully gathered mountain botanicals. We tread lightly and respectfully in all regard and respect to the plants.

  • Crush or whole 1 Tbsp or a bit over 1g in 250 ml water at 100°C for 5 min or more
  • Labrador Tea^, Usnea Lichen^, Spruce Spring tip^, Douglas Fir^, Pine^, Birch Bark.