Tea Menu

Tea Menu at Bronuts in Winnipeg

Create your seasonal Tea menu like our pals at Bronuts  or have us custom blend unique teas for your curated menu. 


Barista support & video tutorials

Matvha Latté Tutorial

Our teacrafter Izumi is also a barista trainer for many years and we can schedule a team training on your espresso machine in our region. Please call us to discuss further. We are also developing some tutorial videos. 


Wholesale Namasthé Teas and take your customers on a loose leaf tea journey 'Off the Beaten Path'. Our philosophy is focused on using single origin, organic loose leaf teas without artificial or natural flavours so that each cup brings out the real nuances of the distinctive whole tea leaf. We source single origin loose leaf teas from across the globe and many of our varieties are hand-blended with foraged plants, herbs and botanicals grown in Pemberton, British Columbia.

Custom blends for curated menu.

Bulk Loose Leaf

Bulk bags are available for a wider range of unique and seasonal blends containing green, black, oolong, maté, rooibos and more. Choose from a range of certified organic  hand-blended teas with locally-grown herbals and foraged tisanes. Or select only single origin teas for a focused tea selection from the best origins and gardens.


Retail for Foodservice


Curated Retail

Harlow Atelier Wall of Wellness

 Our friends at Harlow Atelier have just opened on Fraser and East 15th next to Matchstick Roasters. They retail our loose leaf teas in 50g size bags. Organic, foraged, local grown, import and sustainable packaging. The bags compost even the resealable zipper just remove labels.


Co- Branded Collaborations

The Juice Truck and Namasthé Tea Collab

Our pals at The Juice Truck co-branded with Namasthé Tea Collaboration for three super teas for their juice bars. If the fit is right we can discuss this option. 


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