Globally, tea is the second most popular beverage after water, not only since it suits a variety of tastes, but also because it is versatile and has numerous health benefits. Traditionally used as medicinal beverages and tinctures for centuries, teas are known to help regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and detoxify the body. Tea contains caffeine in moderate amounts and its amino acid, L-Theanine, slow releases caffeine over 6 to 8 hours instead of delivering a jolt of the jitters.

Single Origin, Highest Grade Teas

Namasthé carefully sources teas to ensure each variety is tested rigorously to meet USDA, COR, EU Organic standards. We choose single origin loose leaf teas to ensure high quality, clean and pure tea leaves. 

Loose leaf teas have particular steeping times and temperatures to bring out the richness of the thérroir from their unique varietal, season and origin. Most loose leaf teas are enjoyed without milk or sweeteners so the taste, color and aroma can be savored in its beautiful simple form. We encourage you to get to know the true nuances of each Namasthé Tea to appreciate the quality. Then you can find multiple ways to pair your teas with cheese, foods, wine, chocolate and mix into cocktails, sauces, baking, broths, desserts and fresh pressed juices.

Namasthé has a collection of loose leaf teas to tempt your palate. Take a look at our Tea Shop.