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Blueberry, Sumac & Juniper Preserve by Chef Jonathan Chovancek

Directions for: Blueberry, Sumac & Juniper Preserve


3 cups British Columbia blueberries

3 ¼ cups sugar

1 cup water

2 Tbsp juniper berries

½ tsp sumac

2 Tbsp Namasthé Hibiscus Love Tea

pinch citric acid (lemon juice)


1. Crush the juniper berries and combine with the sumac and tea.

2. Let steep 40 minutes and strain.

3. Return to simmer and pour over top blueberries.

4. Allow to cool and refrigerate. You can serve this warm.



Chaga Chai Jam from Le Meadows Pantry

Delicious Chaga Chai Jam and Douglas Fir Blueberry from Le Meadows Pantry



 Matcha Donut by Bronuts with Namasthé Organic Matcha

 Matcha Donut by Bronuts Winnipeg with Namasthé Organic Matcha




 Earl Grey Chiffon Cake by Darcy's Café

 Earl Grey Chiffon Cake by Darcy's Café in West Point Grey





Mint Julep with Saltspring Coffee

 Mint Julep by Saltspring Coffee with Mountain Mint Tea




 Real Iced Tea at Heirloom Vegetarian

Turmeric Ginger Tonic real iced tea infused then chilled at Heirloom Vegetarian



 Kombucha from Harvest seasonal flavors

 Quince & Pear Seasonal fruit Kombuchas brewed with Namasthé black tea at Harvest Union in Chinatown



Earl Grey Donut at Bronuts Winnipeg

Earl Grey Donut by Bronuts in Winnipeg




Earl Grey Chocolates at BlackBird Bakery in Pemberton

Earl Grey infused ganache Chocolates with Baileys at Blackbird Bakery in Pemberton




Refreshmint Soap from Lone Goat Soap with Mountain Mint

Lone Goat Soap Refreshmint Bar with Mountain Mint Tea



Spark Kombucha Tea supplier

Tea fermented into Kombucha by Spark crafted with Namasthé Teas




Cola Cream Puff from Beta 5

Cola Cream Puff made by Beta 5 from our Pemberton Cola Tea



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