Isabelle Ranger foraging Labrador Tea

Teacrafters off the beaten path, respectfully foraging botanicals in the pristine Coast Mountains of BC. Unique tisanes and teas that evoke the origins of mossy woodlands, feral bogs, ancient forest groves & small tea gardens. Hand harvested, shade dried to preserve the precious aromatic oils that offers our signature aroma, taste and peak medicinal potency. Our premium teas are infused in ancient Vedic & Indigenous wisdoms.

Isabelle Ranger, Founder and owner of Namasthé Tea Co, was called to plants from an early age. She studied under Medical Herbalist Rowan Hamilton and pioneering herbal educator Don Ollsin, whose teachers include Dr. Ellen White, or Kwulasulwut (Many Stars) a Coast Salish Elder, Dr. John Christopher, Sun Bear & more. She also learned directly from herbal pioneers Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed & Friends of the Lil'wat First Nation. She honors her diverse heritage as one, from resilient Labrador Inuit, French Canadian "joie de vivre" & culture of her Celtic ancestors. Isabelle has studied Vedic Sciences:Sanskrit, Jyotisha, Ayurveda alongside Indigenous Coast Salish & Inuit ancient wisdoms.. She recently shares on Radio-Canada in French about foraging with Simon Charland-Faucher & Julie Landry   Phare Ouest also has an audio and blog here 

Cédric Gervais foraging Labrador Tea

Cédric Gervais grew up in the beautiful region of Saguenay, Québec. His Father share with him of the love wild food & wild game as well as foraging for berries " bleuets du Saguenay " wild nuts, cattails and fungi. He is a passionate homebrewer of ancient gruit ales, juicy IPAs and wild herbal brews. He shares a french segment on how to forage and homebrew with seasonal wild ingredients here.  He loves wild brews, cooking, foraging, playing chess, board games with the kids, watching the Habs, walks by the river, mountain biking and great food.

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Isabelle Ranger & Cédric Gervais


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