"Off the Beaten Path" in the B.C. old growth, mountain meadows, mossy ravines, feral bogs, oceanside beaches our Herbalist led team and family forages unique  botanicals we Tea Craft into our unique thérroir™ Teas and medicinal Tisanes. Come explore our region, our Heritage and the culinary and medicinal value many foraged herbals bring to our cups. Expand your taste experience through teas in wild blends or single herbs used for centuries by First Nations and Pioneers to keep healthy in satisfying sips of nutritive tisanes. We love to scout, research, infuse and share with some of Vancouver's and Whistler's finest chefs in the creative culinary possibilities with foraged Thérroir™.

Our Namasthé foraged collection is unique, seasonal and availability is limited to our blends primarily and select clients. Chefs seeking some foraged wild ingredients please contact us to discuss getting on board to our customized Tea Program as a starting point. Our privileged list has special perks and we will then let you know what is in season. Most will be dried but some may become available fresh, weather and time permitting.


Labrador Tea, Douglas Fir, Sweet Woodruff, Cleavers, Wild Ginger, Sweet Gale, Elderflower, Licorice Fern, Highbush Cranberries, Mountain Ash, Wild Roses, Rosehips, Wild Cranberries, Stinging Nettles, Chaga, Red Belted Polypore, Matsutake, Usnea, Acorns, Birch Bark, Crabapples, Burdock, Cattail, Saskatoon Berries, Wood Sorrel, Spring Beauty, Wild Lettuce, Horsetail, Yellow Dock, Ground Ivy, Pine, Cedar, Hawthorn, Oregon Grape, Ganoderma, Chickweed, Mallow, Goldenrod, Wild Hops, Wild Sage, Juniper, Mullein, St John;s Wort, Yarrow, Wild Violets, Self Heal, Chicory, Immortal, Poplar Bud, Silverweed, Sweet Clover, Uva Ursi, Valerian, Devils' Club, False Solomon's Seal, Purslane, Willow, Pineapple weed, and more.

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