Matcha Sencha Yabukita
Matcha Sencha Yabukita

Matcha Sencha Yabukita

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Matcha Sencha Yabukita organic is a luscious steamed green tea from Kagoshima prefecture from the premier mountainous Isle of Kyushu, Japan. A spring harvested Ichibancha Sencha Yabukita varietal grown organically in the rich volcanic soils of the pristine oceanic region. Green tea for umami lovers with a penchant for awakening oceanic brews. Matcha Sencha with Ceremonial Matcha from Uji, Kyoto infuses into an emerald brew that delights all the senses with deep umami aroma and taste. Infuse  in traditional clay seasoning teapots, that have an elemental ionic effect with earth, air, fire and water from renowned ancient clay deposits brewing a superior cup of tea. The artist-made beautiful Kyusu teapots are fired in olden kilns with Zen mastery, adding to the elegance of your Japanese tea experience.

JAS Organic
  • Intense umami taste and enticing aroma. Fresh spring chlorophyll tea buds, misty oceanside vegetal, light toasted fresh pine, sweet nuttiness with bold green liquor color awakens the senses. Juicy mid-steamed chumushi from aromatic Yabukita varietal of luscious umami mouthfeel that lingers beautifully. Sencha is awakening from its aroma, color, taste and invigorating caffeine. Enjoy with a sweet or light meal or whenever you desire the emerald green umami fix.

  • Organic Sencha Yabukita from Kagoshima thérroir is unique from its proximity to the ocean, mountainous volcanic soils, growing the traditional Yabukita varietal.Organic Ceremonial Matcha stone milled from Uji, Kyoto. Organic methodology and technologically advanced tools for steaming, tumbling, rolling, toasting tea combined with the careful nose and eyes of the tea masters, creates a refreshing, vivid green, steamed Sencha.

  • Infuse 10g or 1.5 Tbsp. of tea in your kyusu teapot 120 ml. to 250ml. INFUSION: 1st 60*C for 60 secs. 2nd 70*C for 20 secs. 3rd 93*C

  • Organic Ichibancha spring harvested mid steamed Sencha Yabukita green tea and organic Ceremonial Matcha.