Cabin Tea
Cabin Tea
Cabin Tea

Cabin Tea

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Cabin Tea is our wild brew, foraged in the Whistler mountains, forests and bogs. The perfect campfire tea experience, for evenings at the cottage, cozy warmth at the cabin or to bring the wild home with you. Boughs, berries and blooms loaded with healthful benefits: boost immunity, improve digestion, to unwind, nourish deeply with the wisdom of the forest.Vitamin C rich, blood building iron, soothing anti-inflammatories and to soothe the gut. Brew a kettle over fire, on wood stove from filtered spring creek water or when you need a retreat from life's numerous stresses. Forest vibes are best shared with friends or for a retreat in solitude to reconnect to your wild side. Get outdoors and sip the wild.

Precautions: Avoid use in pregnancy, allergies to Asteraceae or salicylic acid.

We recommend around 1g per serving.

  •  Evergreen citrus, resinous pine, sweet berries, rich green chlorophyll, light astringency, warmth from diaphoretics, genevrier taste with aromatics of Labrador Tea and Firs. Pairs well with wild game, saunas, outdoors baths and adventures. Wild taste of the forest. 

  • Custom foraged and crafted blend of organic herbals inspired by our lush British Colombian mountain forests, meadows and bogs .The Labrador tea, Kinnickinnick and Pine are foraged in the Sea to Sky corridor North of Vancouver. 

  • Infuse 1 Tbsp or ~1g in 250 ml water at 100°C for 5 min or more. 
  • Organic Ingredients:  Red Raspberry Leaf, Elderberry, Rosehips, cane sugar sweetened Blueberries, Birch Bark, Yarrow, Juniper Berry, Meadowsweet, Rhodiola root, Angelica Root, Red Clover herb, Rose petals.               Foraged Ingredients: Douglas Fir, Sweet Gale, Pine, Fireweed Leaf, Kinnickinnick, Labrador Tea.