Organic loose leaf Teapouches hand crafted in Whistler with our local grown botanicals, foraged herbals and Premium Thérroir Teas from select Tea Gardens who craft organic, sustainable and ethical Camellis sinensis. Serve the finest without compromise to quality, taste and earth with our greenest compostable Teapouches. The proper amount in each pouch to save your precious time, offer a consistent tea experience and to enjoy a fine cup Namasthé loose leaf tea anywhere.

NEW ~ As dedicated Tea Artisans seeking to minimize our impact on the earth, to reduce waste and maintain leading edge sustainabilitea, we have decided to simplify our loose leaf teapouches. As of Oct. 7th 2014 all our loose leaf teapouches are now simpler: without string and tag. We care for our earth and know less is more. Simplicity in design is beautiful, practical and taste even greener than before! Our teapouches are made from compostable abaca filter paper and our over wrap is also compostable so you can rest assured convenience, quality and sustainabilitea are increased for a clear conscience. We are honored to TeaCraft pure loose leaf Thérroir Tisanes and Teas for our devoted Tea Lovers!

Quite simply,

Namasthé Team


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