Cold Bew Tea: Simple as 1 2 3

May 15, 2014

Cold Brew Tea Made Simple        May 15 2014

The heat is here so keep hydrated with electrolytes, antioxidants and the plethora of health benefits from teas and tisanes. Try Cold Brew Tea! It is the easiest and best value to make chilled tea. You can use the same amount of tea as hot infusion: 1 Tbsp. per 250ml. of cold water or you can add more for a bolder and yummylicious cold brew tea. Convert any pitcher you have handy with your loose leaf tea filter or  invest in a nice built-in Iced tea pitcher. Reuse pitchers, wine carafes or garage sale finds into beautiful Cold Brew gear. Our family goes through loads, so we use a glass urn with spout kept in the fridge ready for refills all day. Most pitchers are 1L to so you can use 4Tbsps. per 1L or as you desire. Garnish, add ice if you choose, and sip to your health this spring/summer! The kids will love it and so will you without any sweeteners in sight, but jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, nourishing and soothing refreshment that travels well everywhere you want to go. Full taste, hydration and medicinals at a fraction of the price, for about $1.87 per litre of homemade Namasthé Cold Brew! Sip clean, conscious organic Cold Brew tea this summer and share with friends.

3 Simple Steps

1. Add your fave Namasthé tea or tisane to a pitcher or glass jar

2. Fill with cold water

3. Chill overnight or for 12 hours or more.


We suggest : Hibiscus Love, Ginger Tulsi Rooibos, Jade Cloud, Cacao Mint Rooibos, Mountain Mint, Earl Grey and traditional Fresh Tracks Breakfast with slice of lemon. But really, every kind of tea or tisane can be used. Labrador tea, Jade Fir, Oolong, Puerhs and herbals like Chamomile make delicious and unique brews.

So simple and tasty!

Experiment, mix and match, but most important: have fun with various Cold Brew Teas. Leave the tea to infuse if preferred, or filter the next morning so as to not extract astringent tannins (unless you wish for more bite). Interestingly, Cold Brew extracts the least amount of caffeine and tannins but offers all the taste with health benefits. So you don't have to worry about over extracting as it is more flexible. Add slices of cleaned fresh fruit, kombucha, cold pressed juice, wine for sangria, soda water or mix into a spring cocktail with Elderflower Blonde Cordial.

See you this spring and summer at events around the Sea to Sky with some refreshing Cold Brew, Iced Tea or TeaCraft Sodas!



Namasthé Cold Brew Crew

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