5 Douglas Fir infused teas crafted by Namasthé

April 28, 2017

Jade Fir - Foraged Douglas Fir green tea

 Spring Tips foraging of Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga Menziesii) arrived at last to replenish our winter tarnished souls. Our much anticipated super boost of vitamin A and C with delightful citrus, comforting woodsy aroma awakens an ancient human heritage: foraging wild foods in the spring. Its sweet spring sap is full of medicinal constituents to soothe colds, flus, sore throats and aches. Namasthé team heads out for the day baskets, foraging gear to infuse our day outdoors with fresh forest aromas. What a fun spring ritual we all look forward to. 

Douglas Fir with Labrador Tea in Cold and Flu Tisanes

It pairs amazingly with Labrador Tea for coughs and colds as a tisane, with green tea in Jade Fir and with another spring food Stinging Nettles.Truly, we have been putting fir tips in everything these days! We crave it deeply, so we have even been skipping on caffeine some mornings to sip more Douglas Fir.  It's like an ancient connection with an old wise friend that wants to be infused in our spring cleansing ritual.

Labrador tea pairs perfect with Douglas Fir for wild brews

" an ancient human heritage: foraging wild foods in the spring. " by Isabelle Ranger

Douglas Fir foraged basket
Douglas Fir spring tips pairs with so many foods like infused Douglas Fir honey, wild cocktails, Fir soda, aromatic sugar, finishing salt, infused oil or vinegar, ferment, kombucha, smoothies, homebrew beer and even my recent salmon chowder was aromatically boosted with Douglas Fir. Substitute rosemary and dill with Douglas Fir and yes - with chocolate, caramel and sea salt - it's a must!

Cold and Flu tisane with Douglas Fir and Labrador Tea

Cold and Flu tisane added to your curated menu or flu rescue strategy. Prevention is the key.

5 Douglas Fir infused teas foraged and crafted by Isabelle Ranger of Namasthé Tea

Our love for Douglas Fir is crafted many teas & tisanes here are our 5 favorites : Jade Fir, Cold and Flu. Scandinave, La Foret & Smudge.

Smudge Tisane with Douglas Fir

Some like to infuse vodka, gin and make martinis, but lately we have been making a simple syrup of Douglas Fir for sodas. It is just the spring tip of creative possibilities with Douglas Fir shop now  to infuse your cocktails, brews or culinary delights with wild foraged Douglas Fir Teas!


Isabelle Ranger

Herbalist, Forager & TEO

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