Feel good bag of tea

June 01, 2015

Our new bags have arrived and we are very excited our fine loose leaf teas will be nestled in these amazing Omni biodegradable bags! They are made of a new bio film with an cool green additive that breaks down the long chain polymers into Water, CO2 and organic bio mass anywhere there are microbes on land or water. What does that mean? It means that the bag is stable in air but as soon as it touches water or soil it activates an enzymes that attracts beneficial microbes that are everywhere in water and soil to break the bag down into organic compounds and humus that is good for the earth.

Our new compostable 0.9 mil bio lined bags made of recycled Kraft paper are approved for home, industrial composting, recycling and if they end up in the landfill they will also breakdown. No special treatment or headaches which means peace of mind and assurance you are part of the sustainable solution.

They take less energy to produce than PLA, OXO or cellophane and are more stable for better self life. This means fresher and greener teas for all you Tea Lovers who enjoy life Off the Beaten Path and want to feel good that your impact on our Earth is minimized. So they can be recycled, all you need to do is remove the tin tie then your can choose to recycle, compost or biodegrade the bag n the landfill. They are also EPA, third party & University tested for heavy metals and toxins once broken down and are well below accepted levels. So humans and pets, worms and insects are safe from harmful residues after composting.

Our friend's border collie Treebeard in the Bog

Namasthé is deeply connected to our earth. We forage, grow and source organic teas only and every choice we make is part of the solution. Join us and sip greener organic teas! Check our Manifesthé and join us Off the beaten path!

Namasthé Team

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