March 14, 2015

Do you know what’s in your tea? Even if it’s natural, organic, or prepared by commercial blending houses, go through your cupboards and take a closer look. Most tea manufacturers use the same catchwords as the food industry, leading many tea lovers to believe that organic “all natural” flavours are a good thing. But if your tea contains natural flavourings, it is already not in its purest form. The flavour in your tea can be derived from real herbs and botanicals, instead of aromas and infusions replicated by chemists in a lab. And the FDA allows the use of natural additives and flavours from the most peculiar sources in nature, many of which are the last thing you’d want to see in your tea.


At Namasthé Tea Company, natural flavourings are not an option – we only use herbs at the peak of their freshness, taste and potency. By collaborating with local farmers, the herbals we grow and craft still contain their true, precious aromatics preserved by our special, whole storage method. We source single origin tea from certified organic and trusted smallholder family farmers and experienced Tea Masters to ensure purity, quality and transparency. Plus, our non-GMO and gluten-free, compostable paper tea filters ensure you don’t have to worry about what else is steeping alongside your loose-leaf tea.

Life is too short to sip on chemical mediocritea. Know your TeaCrafter. Sip Purity.

Namasthé Team


Further reading on the truth about organic and conventional "natural flavour" check these informative links and videos:

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Do you know what's really in your tea by Foodbabe

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