Sowing and Foraging with the Moon

April 03, 2014

Tea Trail Tales #4  April 3, 2014

Sowing planning with Stella Natura Sidereal Moon Phases of Biodynamic Growing


We sowed our Heirloom Tulsi seeds on the new moon on March 30 in Pisces at moonrise: the prime time for leaf growth in the Biodynamic astrological calendar. The Tulsi seeds saving lineages started over 5 years ago with online seeds and our friend Jesse Fromowitz at Riverlands Organic Market garden and an additional 2 varietals of Rama & Krishna. Tulsi (Ocimum Tenuiflorum), is the Sacred Holy Basil revered in India and Nepal by all Hindu families as Tulasi Devi. Tulsi is a purifying, detoxifying, adaptogenic, immune boosting, soothing botanical full of beneficial medicinal properties. Our heirloom Tulsi seeds are germinating after 4 days of warm toes on the heat mat, 2 rows of T5 LED lights, gratitude water and some good vibes. Yes, we do talk to our plants. In fact, there is much scientific research showing that special compost, teas, talking, caring, using crystals and music all help to yield better results.


Tulslings germinating after 4 days.

We blend our organic and biodynamic inspired Pemberton grown botanicals in many of our unique curated teas for chefs, mixologists and all of our Tea Lovers. Namasthé Ginger Tulsi Rooibos is beloved by many for a Lemony, Ginger and Tulsi Boost. Our Bhaktea Chai has many devoteas seeking a caffeine-free Rooibos Chai with Tulsi. Hibiscus Love is our superfruit herbal tisane bursting with Roses, Tulsi, Rhodiola, Maqui and spices. Our EchinaChai is paired with pungent spices, Tulsi and raw Vanilla Bean for lattés the old fashioned way. Tulsi graces many other custom blends like Smudge our NEW 100% BC Thérroir Tisane for spring detox and nourishment.

Ginger Tulsi Rooibos tisane with our Pemberton-grown organic Tulsi.

Foraging is also in full swing these days starting with our Douglas Fir Spring Tips and Stinging Nettles. The Nettles are featured on spring menus in Vancouver restaurants, and our blends are also featured in Nettle teas in the Vancouver Eater blog. We have crafted Smudge, our unique 100% BC foraged and grown tisane of Native botanicals and herbals, from our TPatch at Root Down Organic Farm. Smudge is earthy, citrusy, auric, sweet, pungent and it evokes the taste of the land as enjoyed for millennia by BC First Nations. We have added some traditional cleansing herbals used in sweat lodges both as a smudging and sipping tisane for a wild seasonal boost.

Smudge: our 100% BC Foraged & Grown tisanes.

As we deliver fresh Douglas Fir Spring tips (Pseudotsuga Menziesii) around to Vancouver chefs, keep an eye out for special creations like Smoked Duck from Chef Whittaker at Forage, a Green and Black Tea Kombucha concocted of Douglas Fir tips by Malika at Harvest Union. We are also excited to try Geneviève's Blueberry Douglas Fir preserves called Emerald from of Le Meadows Pantry, and soon, cocktails and dishes at Alta Bistro by Chef Cassetarri and Mixologist Scot Curry in Whistler. We love the perk of enjoying these creations with our foraged botanicals for seasonal feasts! Perhaps some tasty olden beers will appear on the seasonal menus too...

Douglas Fir Spring Tips foraged in the Sea to Sky area.

Isabelle Ranger
TeaCrafter & Forager

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