Warming up with "Teacrafting" workshops

This winter i started leading a few workshops " TeaCrafting " at the Brew Creek Centre. The Prosci Tea eves are infused with everything tea. Chef Stefan Vagelatos infuses all dishes with Namasthé teas and they have been fabulous! It is amazing how well tea goes with so many foods, ferments and libations. They also serve our teas to guests there a the lodge that hosts private, corporate and wedding groups year round and tucked away just minutes south of Whistler.They we're actually our first ever supporters way back in 2008 as we launched our new tea line.

Earl Grey Prosecco tea cocktail at Brew creek Centre

The eve begins on the right foot with a cozy fire in the lounge with a flute cocktails of Earl Grey prosecco with delicious sweet and savory Earl Grey tea rim, Earl grey simple syrup. Unwind and meeting fabulous folk from all walks of business from consulting, management. These events occur regularly and are organized by Graham and Katie Iutzi. First course is served with a wild brew tisane pairing. Soups or salad prepared beautifully by Chef and team.Main course is always cooked to perfection with vegetarian options to suit. Tea is infused into sauces, broths, dressings to compliment the amazing ingredients selected and changing each time. Wine, cocktails and tea flow along with virgin options to please all palates.

Desserts is served buffet style with a Hot Tottea crafted with green tea and spiced rum, gets us warmed up for fun team teacrafting. The events are for team building, leadership, adapting in the world of business.

Mulled Tea Wine and teacrafting at Brew Creek Centre with Isabelle Ranger

We have a sensory quiz and worksheets outlying the process of teacrafting with general guidelines. Information about each foraged, local grown and organic import ingredient. As teams get ready we review together the medicinal benefits of each botanicals with flavor profile. A basic formula is offered to help craft a nice balanced blend.Keeping track of recipes, cupping and naming are all important parts of teacrafting.International Women's Day group for teacrafting workshop with Isabelle Ranger at Brew Creek Centre


Our foraged Labrador tea, Douglas Fir, Fireweed, Birch Bark, White Pine Needle are blended in a lovely chosen base herbal or caffeinated green tea. We also bring some delicious and beautiful boosts to accentuate, compliment or contrast aroma, taste and look of tea. The it is all hands on board with their intuition, ratios and simple guidelines. Choosing as a team is more challenging which is key. Then everyone crushes, cuts, blends and cups their unique brew. Checking to see aroma and taste are up to par or if some additions to adjust need to be made. The tea is named and they get to go home with their own teacrafted tea.

all hand on board teacrafting workshop of foraged botanicals

Nourishing, intuitive, team teacrafting at its best. Our night on International Women's Day was perfect to see them get back to their roots. I get to sample their lovely brews, share stories and enjoy the process too. It has been a pleasure to host these along with the amazing crew at the Brew to bring our unique, healing and engaging love of teacrafting. We look forward to more of them and bringing them outside as the weather warms to forage around the area. 


Isabelle Ranger 

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