Thinking inside the Tea Box : The Loose Leaf Teapouch

Loose Leaf Teapouches? Many sneer at this incredulous idea because they have been told that Loose Leaf Tea is better than Teabags. How could that be, a Loose Leaf Teapouch... confusion sets in. When we showcase our Loose Leaf Teas and Loose Leaf Teapouches at events many get it, some are unsure if they understand and others scoff at the idea. We understand where the perplexity comes from: the dual part fact and part fiction based on a condensed differentiation to delineate lower grade teas compared to higher grade loose leaf teas. Hence, the common Loose Leaf vs.Teabag movement. The fact part is that most CTC dust, fannings, OP, BOP lower grade teas normally teabagged and sold for cheap in the grocery stores are a whole different cup of tea  vs. high grade Whole Leaf teas.Yes it does have a homey strong tea, heirloom tea cups, knit cozies, childhood memory of beloved family members who first introduced us to the amazing world of tea feel. Much respect is due for the introduction to the staple teabag most of us have known in the past , somewhat reminiscent of a comparison to a cup of instant coffee before the advent of Starbucks. Thankfully, much has changed in the tea world since then but somethings remain the same. Our focus here is on the wonderful shifts in tea education that is changing the tea aisles in all grocery stores. Cafés may one day call the 4th wave of coffee as being high grade teas sourced & served exceptionally!


The fiction part is when Tea house marketing wishing to elevate the tea experience to new heights states the dated "Why Loose Leaf Tea is better than teabags" narrative. We know as a fact this is no longer the case in the high end Loose Leaf Teapouches starting to emerge more and more. This may be true about low grade teas but that is not our focus here. As we know change is a constant in life and things are evolving as we speak. We love the Tea Houses because education is important and so much more connected in person than reading a Tea box in the grocery aisle. We feel some misleading information needs a profound revision from the Tea House standpoint to grow an inclusive appreciation of tea. Tea Lover education will reveal the dated statements and their validity as leading Loose Leaf Teapouch product education begins on a grand scale. Best be in open minded and in the loop of the cutting edge as the Tea world grows significantly for years to come. Fashionable mini mall chains, extra fancy packaging, designer flavorings like candy shops are making it irresistible to most tea lovers. Making tea fun and friendly has helped shift the routine habits into new explorations into depths of tea culture, new types of teas, regions all while growing specialtea appreciation. Now we know something big is shifting when Starbucks buys a mini mall chain of tea houses in US (Teavana) and Canada (Teaopia) for over $620 million with plans to open over 1000 tea houses across North America. After all tea is the world's second most popular beverage after water so business folks are paying attention now.


What happens when you craft the finest Organic Single Origin, foraged, local grown Thérroir Teas and tisanes into a sustainable Loose Leaf teapouch that doesn't leak all over, burn your fingers and that uses less Non GMO and Gluten-free compostable paper tea filter? It makes high grade loose leaf tea enjoyment simple, practical, beautiful and accessible to all! It solves many problems and makes for a much better cup of fine Loose Leaf tea to sip every time. As we near our 8th year anniversary of Namasthé Tea Co. that was born to serve a better cup of Loose Leaf tea. We know the demand is growing for Loose Leaf Teapouches food service and it just makes sense. The same amazing Thérroir Loose Leaf teas we TeaCraft for amazing Chefs, discerning cafés, boutique lodges and organic grocers gets into Loose Leaf Teapouches and we are so pleased to take part in changing the dogma.


Thinking inside the box is the solution to finest loose leaf teas anywhere. Yes, Gaiwans, Kyusus, Porcelain teapot, to go tumblers will always be the best choices as one sees fit but never underestimate the humble Loose Leaf teapouch with high grade tea leaves to please. Tea in North America has always had a rebellious independence and it is our proclamation as explained in our Manifesthé to Teapouch freely any Tea to please. What is important is the selection of Teapouch materials like abaca teapouches that are the most sustainable choice because you don't want plastic "silken" to leach GMO's into your healthful cup of tea. We have precisely chosen not to use "silken" PLA or nylon teapouches since our inception for this specific reason. Tea requires many vessels before it can be enjoyed from tea garden baskets, tea chests, overseas crates, tea boxes, tea tins, teapots and finally your tea cups. It is time to loosen up our attitude toward Loose Leaf Teapouches and embrace the simplicity and joy they bring because that is what tea appreciation is all about. New perspective is very welcome in the tea aisles with  growing selection of high grade teas thoughtfully Teacrafted into Loose Leaf Teapouches and more loose leaf bags than ever!

The teapouch stigma is disappearing because we often teabag our loose leaf teas to go in u fills bags so best have the proper amount for a consistent premium experience. We will not be serving instant coffee in coffee houses so same goes for lower grade teas.Things have changed for the better in the tea aisles and at cafés so support the ones that care and serve you great Artisan teas. Know your TeaCrafter!


Independently Teapouched,


Isabelle Ranger Founder & TEO




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