Thinking inside the Tea Box : The Loose Leaf Teapouch

June 06, 2014

What happens when you craft the finest Organic Single Origin, foraged, local grown Thérroir Teas and tisanes into a sustainable Loose Leaf teapouch that doesn't leak all over, burn your fingers and that uses less Non GMO and Gluten-free compostable paper tea filter? It makes high grade loose leaf tea enjoyment simple, practical, beautiful and accessible to all!

 Independently Teapouched,

Isabelle Ranger TEO

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Seasonal Shifts and Snow

March 01, 2014

As foraging TeaCrafters, this is a much anticipated time of the year as everything comes to life again in the forest, farm and in the waysides. We begin to forage very early as sap resumes the upward flow, Salmon Berries blossom and the first shoots of Stinging Nettles come out of their winter dormancy. That means more Birch Bark hand chipping, Morel mushroom hunting, Spruce tips harvesting, Labrador Tea spring flush and many more forest delights. Blending these uncommon botanicals at their peak freshness into unique Off the Beaten Path blends for seekers of the unusual, wild and rare is our cup of tea.

First Flush Teas are sought after for their exquisite taste, quality and freshness. Over the winter months, the tea plants slowly concentrate their luscious flavors into each new bud and leaf growth for expectant tea lovers. Light spring rains are welcome at our newest partner farm Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden in the Himalayan region of Nepal in gardens at 1800m elevation, in the slope sides of Hile in Dhankuta District. We are so excited to add these Single Origin teas to our upcoming spring 2014 collection.

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Wild Brews for Wild Folk

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