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Types of Loose Leaf Tea

Tea comes from varietals of Camellia Sinensis, a tree that can grow to 30 feet or more.The oldest Tea tree is 1700 years old in the Yunnan Ancient Tea Forests. Only this plant is called Tea or Cha whereas all others are called tisanes or infusions. Ancient Tea Tree forests over 1500 years old were planted by the ancestors of the Tribal peoples of Yunnan who steward these wild arbor gardens with a manifesto for perpetuating the mutual benefits to Farmer, Tea trees and the Earth. This is a deep cultural bond created over centuries to preserve these Heirloom Tea trees, one of our favorite Thérroirs.

Loose Leaf Teas

  • Green: Often steamed (Japanese) from lightly to deeply to retain the luscious umami taste and vivid green color. Roasted or baked (Chinese) green has a  minimal oxidization time and a high content of flavonoids, which are attributed to many health benefits. Japanese Matcha powdered green tea is renowned as the healthiest of all teas.
  • Black: A lengthy oxidization process darkens the tea leaves and produces a full-bodied, malty taste, some astringency but not bitterness.We use Heirloom Black tea (red tea) called Dian Hong which was the original black tea renowned as the Mocha of tea with a smooth finish.
  • White: Least processed of teas with low caffeine and a subtle nuanced aroma and taste profile. Silver Needle White tea & Yunnan White Tea are prized as only the first downy buds of early spring from select varietals of Fuding Da Bai, Fuding Da Hao, some Menghai and Mengku Da Yeh are hand harvested. Bai Mu Dan or White Peony is wilted, air dried and harvested after Silver Needle harvest.
  • Jasmine: Traditional Jasmine green tea is labor of love due to multiple layering processes to infuse the aroma of fresh Jasmine blossoms.The tea is harvested in the spring then stored until ripe heady jasmine blossoms are ready in late summer. Fragrant, sensual and enticing pan fired green tea with an Imperial lineage.
  • Oolong: Oolongs require a skilled artisan Tea Master to produce and is the most labor intensive of teas. Wilting, rolling, roasting is repeated until the Tea Master deems the tea perfectly crafted to feature the floral, fruity and some toasty attributes in a rolled or twisted leaf that unfurls over multiple infusions in a Gaiwan.
  • Pu-erh: An ancient artisanal tea appellation that is sun dried, fermented to engage wild yeasts to mature and often compressed into Tea cakes or Tuo Cha. Collectible vintages that age, mellow and deepen with proper storage. Pu-erh ignites digestion and stimulates detoxification of the body.
  • Matcha: Stone Milled Matcha Green Tea powder - a deep umami, sweet to bittersweet & awakening green tea from Japan, full of antioxidants where the whole leaf is powdered and sipped. Ceremonial Matcha grades to latté or cooking grade to make delicious Matcha Latté.

Tisanes and Herbals

  • Maté: A stimulating South American herbal infusion with an herbal bittersweet taste that provides a boost of caffeine without coffee jitters. A very social South American tisanes full of minerals, nutrients and an energy kick.
  • Rooibos: An herbal infusion from a South African native red bush without caffeine or tannins that is tasty served hot or cold. Kids love it and it is a great electrolyte replenisher.
  • Tisane / Herbal: Technically not a tea grown from a tea tree. An array of unique blends containing herbs, botanicals, fruits and spices without caffeine.

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Origins of Namasthé Tea.

Tea Trail Tales

Brewing in the Kitchen: Nettle Beer

April 10, 2014

Tea Trail Tales #5       April 10, 2014


Brewing transforms grains into Vitamin B rich probiotic beverages that aid digestion, complement foods, and are enjoyed with great company. It is one of humanity's most ancient heritages, often associated with sacred rituals, myths of the original gods of fermentation, to religious monopoly that grew into great Abbey beers, cheeses and wines.

by Isabelle Ranger  

Forager & Teacrafter

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Sowing and Foraging with the Moon

April 03, 2014

Tea Trail Tales #4  April 3, 2014

Smudge Foraged TisaneNamasthé has crafted Smudge: our unique 100% BC foraged and grown tisane of Native botanicals and BC herbals from our TPatch at Root Down Organic Farm. Smudge is earthy, citrusy, astral, sweet, pungent and it evokes the taste of the land as enjoyed for millennia by BC First Nations. We have added some traditional cleansing herbals used in sweat lodges both as a smudging and sipping tisane for a wild seasonal boost.


by Foraging TeaCrafter Isabelle Ranger

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The Spirit of Foraging and Sharing

March 28, 2014


Tea Trail Tales #3        March 29 2014

As I focus on what I want to do most with my time here, it comes back to foraging, fermenting, blending, distilling and experimenting. Sharing BC Thérroir with chefs, brewers, cafés, distillers, other tea companies is timely after all these years.

The spirit of foraging and sharing is ripe now. So you will see and hear much more about cool collaborations, fun new uses for our foraged botanicals picked at their peak potency to represent our unique BC Thérroir.

Isabelle Ranger

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