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Namasthé TeaCrafter`s Manifesthé


1.  We TeaCraft Off the beaten Path Teas and tisanes from raw foraged botanicals  Loose Leaf Teas and also each Loose Leaf Teapouch for discerning Chefs, Cafés, Lodges & Organic Grocers.

2. We forage respectfully and sustainably with the seasons, unique botanicals of the BC Thérroir and beyond. Only forage what you need, ask first, leave something in return (sage, tobacco, hair, song or what you can) and leave the patch as though no one ever harvested there. Respect & Gratitude for our ancient herbal allies.

3. We cultivate local growing relationships in partnership with farmers in Pemberton to serve Tea Lovers the finest customblended teas for quality, taste, standards and freshness. Our local grown herbals are stored whole to keep them fresh til next year's harvest.

4. We source the finest Single Origin seasonal Heirloom varietals of Camellia sinensis from trusted partners, certified organic, chemical free, Tea Masters & Artisan farms dedicated to quality, craftsmanship, ethical standards and amazing taste.

5. We never lace our teas or tisanes with Artificial or Natural Flavourings that mimick and trick the senses into believing that chemical fairy tales are true. We do not suport the ever expanding multi Billion dollar Flavouring industry.

6. We forage, grow organically, import Single Origin and TeaCraft from unique Thérroir Botanicals that are whole and never require chemical additions to enhance, mask or confuse your delicate discerning senses.

7. Infuse every part of your life with tea. Ferment, brew, cook, simmer, glaze, sprinkle, substitute and play with your tea!

8. Sip reverently and remember to leave space for additional wisdom in each cup.

9. We trust our gut instincts, always follow our hearts and we love Celestial guidance for cultivating, sowing, growing, harvesting organically with respect in our lives and on the land.

10. Create your own Tea Ritual and enjoy sipping your tea Slowly by immersing and unfurling into the present moment with all your senses to this gift of the Tea leaves.

11.Know your TeaCrafter.

12. Life is too short to sip on mediocritea.

13. We LOVE TeaCrafting and sharing this Ancient art with Tea Lovers everywhere.


TeaCrafters Manifesthé

May 1st, 2014



Tea Trail Tales

Tea Cocktails - Infuse into Summer

June 03, 2014

Tea Cocktails - Infuse into Summer                                                           

Tea Cocktails are hot ... well actually cooling tasty summer drinks that can keep you stay hydrated on sunny patios. They are great without or with alcohol and help avoid nasty dehydration hangovers with electrolytes, digestives and diuretic detox properties. For a fun twist on your old cocktails list try infusing some tea in vodka or gin, make a delicious simple syrup with one of your fav teas and play with additional nourishing fruits.  

This summer infuse yourself into cold brew, homebrew beer, TeaCraft Soda & yummy Tea Cocktails to refresh & stay cool.


Infusing into summer,

Isabelle Ranger TEO

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Cold Bew Tea: Simple as 1 2 3

May 15, 2014

Cold Brew Tea Made Simple        May 15 2014

The kids will love it and so will you without any sweeteners in sight but jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, nourishing & soothing refreshment that travels well everywhere you want to go. Full taste, hydration and medicinals with each sip at a fraction of the price around $1.87 per litre of homemade Namasthé Cold Brew! Sip clean, conscious organic Cold Brew tea this summer and share with friends.


Namasthé Cold Brew Crew

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Pick Up online tea orders at our Tea Atelier

May 01, 2014

Tea Trail Tales #7 May 1st, 2014

NEW - Pick up for online orders at Namasthé Tea Atelier

We have decided to begin a Pick Up option for your online orders www.namasthe.ca on certain days starting with wednesdays. It is our way of saying Thank you! to all our amazing Tea Lovers in the Sea to Sky corridor & to visitors alike.



Your Teacrafters

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Elderflower Blonde Cordial Recipe

April 24, 2014

Tea Trail Tales #6 April 24th 2014

Elderflower Blonde Cordial Recipe

 Before harvesting any wild plant assure you identify it positively and always bring an offering in return and ask the Crone if you may harvest some not all of her blossoms. Always forage lightly and find a nice patch with multiple ripe blossoms. It is only wise and fair for the birds and well if it is a Blue Elderberry it would be foolish to take all the blossoms and then forego the joy of berries later.

Cordially in health,

Isabelle Ranger

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Brewing in the Kitchen: Nettle Beer

April 10, 2014

Tea Trail Tales #5       April 10, 2014


Brewing transforms grains into Vitamin B rich probiotic beverages that aid digestion, complement foods, and are enjoyed with great company. It is one of humanity's most ancient heritages, often associated with sacred rituals, myths of the original gods of fermentation, to religious monopoly that grew into great Abbey beers, cheeses and wines.

by Isabelle Ranger  

Forager & Teacrafter

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