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Loose Leaf Tea Infusion

Premium loose leaf tea is best enjoyed with the right measure of tea, precise amount of fresh water, boiled to the optimal temperature for steeping to infuse your amazing cup of tea. Each tea comes with its own unique infusion guidelines that we have provided in the infusion tab. Tea is not meant to be rigid but flowing like the revered mountain spring water that goes with the flow to produce the most flavorful cup of tea full of chi, revered by the ancient tea masters. We encourage you to experiment, craft your own personal ritual of tea! We offer a starting point to enjoy your new tea to its fullest and share the love of tea!

You may have a special heirloom teapot and cups passed down, traditional teaware from collectible Zisha Clay, handcrafted Japanese ceramics or simply a Tea tumbler to go, we have a loose leaf tea to suit. Scout flea markets for cool finds, check our Tea Gear section for premium tea vessels or support your local ceramicist for one of a kind tea ware.

Whistler area has many wonderful potters doing beautiful craftsmanship so check them out and we are looking forward to doing some collab pieces in the future as well.

Vincent Massey http://vincentmasseypottery.com/

Meg Gallup http://choosepemberton.com/2012/01/01/be-beautiful-be-useful-meg-gallups-functional-stoneware/

Sunna Studio http://www.sunnastudio.com/

and to learn you can contact everyone above or take a class with the http://whistlerpotteryclub.com/


 To Go Ritual

Namasthé Tea offers six convenient varieties of boxed loose leaf teapouches containing only Single Origin whole leaf teas, BC foraged and Pemberton grown botanicals. We are able to craft most any custom loose leaf tea into our custom sustainable teapouch as suits our creative fancy or for your discerning Tea Lovers to go ritual.

Whole Leaf teas are best enjoyed while tuning in to your ritual and tuning out the woes of the world. Exquisite Tea Ware will enhance the experience of loose leaf tea so take time for yourself and indulge in the beauty of Tea. These top grade loose leaf teas are best enjoyed without milk or sweeteners so that the taste, color and aroma can be savored in its simplest form. Mostly, our Founder prefers her teas neat except for some comforting teas like London Fog, Matcha Latté, Chai Latté with easy to make vanilla bean syrup that speckles the foam for a divine delight on a rainy Wet Coast day.

Ready to taste a wider range of unique and seasonal loose leaf blends? Namasthé hand-blends teas with rare locally-grown herbs and botanicals, along with foraged roots and plants. These botanical ingredients are stored whole, fresh milled, hand blended and packaged in Whistler to preserve freshness and taste. These teas don’t sit on a shelf for a year – they are meant to be enjoyed fresh once blended and are often available in seasonal limited supply!

For every tea and tisane, check the recommendations for the perfect infusion to enjoy a cup with all of its peak flavors and aromas. Namasthé Teas are made without artificial or natural flavours so that tea drinkers can experience the real nuances of the distinctive Thérroir of the whole tea leaf.

Visit our Tea Shop to learn more about infusions for each variety.

Tea Trail Tales


July 29, 2014


“Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

Now available online ~ White Porcelain Gaiwan


Isabelle Ranger

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Tea Cocktails - Infuse into Summer

June 03, 2014

Tea Cocktails - Infuse into Summer                                                           

Tea Cocktails are hot ... well actually cooling tasty summer drinks that can keep you stay hydrated on sunny patios. They are great without or with alcohol and help avoid nasty dehydration hangovers with electrolytes, digestives and diuretic detox properties. For a fun twist on your old cocktails list try infusing some tea in vodka or gin, make a delicious simple syrup with one of your fav teas and play with additional nourishing fruits.  

This summer infuse yourself into cold brew, homebrew beer, TeaCraft Soda & yummy Tea Cocktails to refresh & stay cool.


Infusing into summer,

Isabelle Ranger TEO

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Cold Bew Tea: Simple as 1 2 3

May 15, 2014

Cold Brew Tea Made Simple        May 15 2014

The kids will love it and so will you without any sweeteners in sight but jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, nourishing & soothing refreshment that travels well everywhere you want to go. Full taste, hydration and medicinals with each sip at a fraction of the price around $1.87 per litre of homemade Namasthé Cold Brew! Sip clean, conscious organic Cold Brew tea this summer and share with friends.


Namasthé Cold Brew Crew

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Pick Up online tea orders at our Tea Atelier

May 01, 2014

Tea Trail Tales #7 May 1st, 2014

NEW - Pick up for online orders at Namasthé Tea Atelier

We have decided to begin a Pick Up option for your online orders www.namasthe.ca on certain days starting with wednesdays. It is our way of saying Thank you! to all our amazing Tea Lovers in the Sea to Sky corridor & to visitors alike.



Your Teacrafters

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Elderflower Blonde Cordial Recipe

April 24, 2014

Tea Trail Tales #6 April 24th 2014

Elderflower Blonde Cordial Recipe

 Before harvesting any wild plant assure you identify it positively and always bring an offering in return and ask the Crone if you may harvest some not all of her blossoms. Always forage lightly and find a nice patch with multiple ripe blossoms. It is only wise and fair for the birds and well if it is a Blue Elderberry it would be foolish to take all the blossoms and then forego the joy of berries later.

Cordially in health,

Isabelle Ranger

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