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  Namasthé Tea Company has been based in Whistler, BC since 2006 and was founded by Tea Crafter, Forager, Herbalist Consultant and Botanicals Grower, Isabelle Ranger. Off the Beaten Path Tea Crafters of foraged, seasonal and single origin Thérroir™ Teas and Tisanes, our Atelier de Thé is filled with rare botanicals, seasonal teas and farm-grown herbals. We forage for BC Thérroir™ Tisanes in alpine meadows and Oceanside grasslands to concoct limited edition, craft teas as well as Tea Craft fresh-to-order for our devoted tea lovers, craft cafés, epicureans, chefs and mixologists. 

Namasthé Tea Company sources single origin teas from small ethical farmers in limited lots for exceptional quality, purity and taste. We meticulously hand harvest and blend our fine loose leaf Thérroir™ Teas and Tisanes for discerning tea lovers seeking a fulfilling, premium tea adventure.

Sip Thérroir™ Teas and Tisanes from their Thérroir of origin today!

Isabelle Ranger ~ TeaCrafter


Tea Trail Tales

Feel good bag of tea

June 01, 2015

Feel good bag of tea

Our new compostable 0.9 mil bio lined bags made of recycled Kraft paper are approved for home, industrial composting, recycling and if they end up in the landfill they will also breakdown. No special treatment or headaches which means peace of mind and assurance you are part of the sustainable solution. So all earth's creatures can breathe easy!

Our friend's border collie Treebeard in the bog foraging.

Namasthé Team


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March 14, 2015

Do you know what’s in your tea? Even if it’s natural, organic, or prepared by commercial blending houses, go through your cupboards and take a closer look. Most tea manufacturers use the same catchwords as the food industry, leading many tea lovers to believe that organic “all natural” flavours are a good thing. But if your tea contains natural flavourings, it is already not in its purest form.

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Tea with Kids: guest post from Isabelle Ranger

February 24, 2015

Tea with Kids: guest post from Isabelle Ranger

Bottom line is kids see us engage in stimulating, soothing and sharing actions, over cups of tea, as our ancestors have communed for millenia, so naturally they also want to partake in their own ritual. Try these safe and simple herbals for kids tea.

Foraging for wild teas photo Isabelle Ranger

by Isabelle Ranger

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