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Based in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada since 2006, Namasthé Tea Co. (thé is the French word for tea) is an owner-operated loose leaf TeaCrafter, wholesaler and retailer. Several Namasthé teas contain herbs, foraged botanicals and flowers from Pemberton, a growing community located in an agricultural valley between BC’s Coast and Cascade mountains north of Whistler, which are harvested and hand-blended with Single Origin loose leaf teas from around the world.

Namasthé’s Founder and Consultant Herbalist, Isabelle Ranger, has blended medicinal teas and tinctures over the last two decades. Her TeaCrafting philosophy is focused on using pure Single Origin loose leaf teas without natural flavours so that each cup brings out the real nuances of the distinctive Thérroir of the tea leaf. With each micro-lot harvest, the whole Thérroir Tisanes are milled to the perfect size and are hand blended and packed in-house to preserve quality and ensure the right infusion. Namasthé tea drinkers experience a journey 'Off the Beaten Path', taking them right from our backyard in Pemberton and around the globe to the world’s finest tea growing regions.

Namasthé is a pioneering TeaCrafting company that forages, grows, crafts, blends, packages, imports, wholesales and retails its own unique loose leaf tea blends. Our loose leaf teas are available in single-serve loose leaf tea pouches or in bulk bags brimming with the aroma of each unique blend. Take a look at our Tea Shop to learn more.

Tea Trail Tales

Brewing in the Kitchen: Nettle Beer

April 10, 2014

Tea Trail Tales #5       April 10, 2014


Brewing transforms grains into Vitamin B rich probiotic beverages that aid digestion, complement foods, and are enjoyed with great company. It is one of humanity's most ancient heritages, often associated with sacred rituals, myths of the original gods of fermentation, to religious monopoly that grew into great Abbey beers, cheeses and wines.

by Isabelle Ranger  

Forager & Teacrafter

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Sowing and Foraging with the Moon

April 03, 2014

Tea Trail Tales #4  April 3, 2014

Smudge Foraged TisaneNamasthé has crafted Smudge: our unique 100% BC foraged and grown tisane of Native botanicals and BC herbals from our TPatch at Root Down Organic Farm. Smudge is earthy, citrusy, astral, sweet, pungent and it evokes the taste of the land as enjoyed for millennia by BC First Nations. We have added some traditional cleansing herbals used in sweat lodges both as a smudging and sipping tisane for a wild seasonal boost.


by Foraging TeaCrafter Isabelle Ranger

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The Spirit of Foraging and Sharing

March 28, 2014


Tea Trail Tales #3        March 29 2014

As I focus on what I want to do most with my time here, it comes back to foraging, fermenting, blending, distilling and experimenting. Sharing BC Thérroir with chefs, brewers, cafés, distillers, other tea companies is timely after all these years.

The spirit of foraging and sharing is ripe now. So you will see and hear much more about cool collaborations, fun new uses for our foraged botanicals picked at their peak potency to represent our unique BC Thérroir.

Isabelle Ranger

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